First time mom and useless midwife !

Hey everyone first time mom to be , I am 36 weeks +3 days ! I have not been my self for the past week ... I am super lethargic, been having Braxton Hicks like crazy, I've been cramping in the back for the past two days now and it feels like it comes in waves but no pattern!!!
 Also three days ago I was walking around and all I could feel was his drop( same sensation as if you were in an elevator )in my belly assuming it's my daughter lol It honestly felt my insides were going to fall out of me 😳 
That being said I called my midwife yesterday ...   Explaining what was happening. She ended up telling me that she will see me Next Friday to see if anything changes. Then she had the nerves to tell me that this line is used for emergencies only and I should only call if my water breaks?! So I just need some advice please !