First "Don't mess with the hormonal lady" incident

First major "Do not mess with the hormonal lady"...  A trucker (tanker) decided I was leaving too much space ahead of me on the freeway (I was in the far right lane, driving with 3-4 cars space due to major stop and go traffic and aggressive mergers).  So he tailed me and honked aggressively for quite some time.  I final said enough and came to a gradual stop after turning on my emergency lights, got out of my car when he safely stopped and asked what the f was his bloody problem.
His excuse for tailing me?  "I am a tanker, I don't have brakes and you were leaving way too much space!"  
I was driving at a consistent speed (no stopping and going with miles ahead and not slowing and speeding up) and the only time I had a larger gap is when a truck merged OUT of my lane leaving a gap which I chose not to go into power mode to close up the gap only to have to stop ahead anyways.
What gives a-hole.  Needless to say I called the cops on him (which he said he would do on me as well...  But he doesn't have my license plate and if they showed up even better).  
I have been driving in LA for years.  Truckers are NORMALLY some of the more curious drivers I have found.  So when this shit happens...  Do not mess with the hormonal woman trucker. 😤😡