A girl like her.. Bullying.

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It's on Netflix anyone seen it, have any thoughts about it?
If not it's a movie in the life of someone who was bullied to the point of attempting suicide  by overdosing, it's takes the point of view and records her, her friends, kids around the school and of course the bully herself. If you haven't watched it I suggest you should. I am out of high school and my friend told me to watch it on my down time. I think it is crazy how many people get bullied and watch someone get bullied. I completely understand the fear of being called a snitch, making the situation worse. I have about 15 minutes left of the movie but if you have seen it I'd like to know your thoughts, where you stand on bullying ways you think it could help, or prevent it. And lastly I would like to say personally if you are being bullied, seeing someone who is being bullied please say something talk to someone. If you are on this app, suffering from depression being bullied feeling worthless and hopeless reach out to someone I'm always here to talk even if I don't know you!