Husband issues

It seems like every other post I see on here is about husbands or boyfriends being pieces of shit. Anything from cheating to abuse to laziness to drug use or alcoholism I see on a daily basis on here. I just need to take a minute and say how absolutely blessed I am to have the man I do. I have the <a href="">Glow app</a> to thank for making me realize what I have because I am now realizing that so very few women have what I do. I completely took him for granted until the last few months. He is patient, upbeat, happy most of the time, does chores around the house, is an extremely hard worker, loves me and our little baby more than anything, loves Jesus with all his heart, spoils me beyond belief, and makes a huge effort in the relationship when something needs addressing. He is going to be the worlds best dad, he's not a cheater and has never been, and never puts me down. I thought we all see all the negative posts so why not post when we have something positive! There are real men left in the world it's just that all we hear about are the bad ones. So ladies with amazing men, post about them here because the world needs to brag more about the good ones, not just hear about the bad. Don't the good ones deserve some talk!?