Is your husband/boyfriend/ or partner being insensitive lately?

Just wanted to know cause it seems like im not being treated right and I'm 7 months pregnant . As the days are getting tougher for me , seems like my husband is being rude, nonchalant, not so helpful , and even annoyed by me. He complains that I need help so often and can't help out around the house much anymore. He got angry because I couldn't cook dinner one night when I came home late after a long day of work. He recently (just an hour ago) said to me : " I'm acting like a b*^ch " only because I said that he was being mean and insensitive to me over something... I no longer want to ask him for help or favors anymore because of his attitude. 
Anyone else going through something similar with your partner ? If yes I'm interested in hearing your stories and what to do here..