Do I keep him involved?

My ex left me Saturday
I'm roller coasting between ok and sad
I'm pregnant found out the Monday
He refused to have me back until he decided I could stay not as a couple just stay so I'm safe
We ended up spending quality time and just ended up giving into each other and made love
Next morning he rings from work and says not going to work you here you have to leave
He's now flirting with other women and asking for loads of space no doubt to fuck about while I'm getting my stuff
He wants to keep the baby but today said kill it, he won't try and save it or work on it probably because he's trying to bed someone else
He's hot n cold I love you fuck off
He's been on dating sites sending nudes and stuff since the entire time we dated yet blamed his illness which is actually not related but I stayed
He wanted to marry me and get married hence why I'm in this predicament 
Should I just cut him off and not let him know? He doesn't seem to care anyway and he's too busy being a two faced liar