Pregnancy for me has not been glamorous

I am 17 years old soon to be 18. I had no idea that pregnancy was so strenuous. One day there are food aversions while the next you are soo fricking dizzy that you feel as if you had a bit too much to drink. For me so far my biggest struggle has been food aversions. I love food and I have always loved food. Recently food and I have turned a dark corner. The very thought of food at times disgusts me to the point where it makes me sick. I have a hard time eating I literally have to force myself to eat because I know a baby is growing inside of me. There is certainly no doubt that pregnancy isn't beautiful it just isn't what I thought it'd be. I have a hard time actually being happy I'm pregnant, but I know that God hasn't blessed all women with the gift to carry a baby so in a way I feel obligated to be thankful. I don't believe in adoption as I'm adopted and plus I don't believe in abortion as I was supposed to be aborted. I just feel stuck.