Tonight i have told my abusive ex fiancé this

I had to share with someone maybe my story can help you. Bare with me i know it is a lot to read but if you can relate please read it all! I lived in a beautiful world filled with wealth, i had a fiancé that was amazing at the beginning, and his beautiful 5 year old son as my own. Two dogs. And the picture perfect house on top of it. Little did i know i was dancing with the devil and soon I would be unleashed into a misery of hell. The love of my life turned into someone i did not know. Anger started to arise, I would be thrown around, cursed at, hit, he even stuck a pillow over my face. I endured mental and physical pain along the way and i lost site of who i was as a woman. I stayed because of his son without me he would have no one. One night things got horrible and i feared for my life more then ever. While protecting this little boy i pleaded for his father to leave and not harm me. I was thrown down the stairs, smothered, striked multiple times, as well as our 50in flat screen tv being thrown at me causing deep lacerations on my legs and feet. After i called 911 four times and they still didnt come to help .. he shattered my phone.. it felt like a lifetime waiting for a rescue while my ex wouldnt let me leave.. I locked his son in a room and i bolted for help. Bumps, bruises, blood, black eye, half my hair missing from being dragged. They arrested me on top of it all. (As well as my ex) he is now going to prison and lost custody of his son who i would love to adopt as my own. I spent a night in jail and i thought what happened where did we go wrong. Well i found out he was addicted to drugs (i sure couldn't tell besides the anger.) He still trys to contact me and found my new email begging for me back. I have not said a word to him in almost 4 months, i took my dogs i left everything i owned and never turned back.. he drained all of our savings, filed for my wedding ring back (it didnt stand in court), and bad mouthed me to everyone i knew. He tried to make me live in a hell even after i left and then tried to pull a sympathy card in a email and i finally had enough. these are my last and final words before i serve him with a restraining order tomorrow.