Wasn't prepared at all..

I went in Monday for a ultrasound appointment And a game plan for my little man he had stopped growing and had actually gotten smaller according to the ultrasound we had been monitoring his heart rate for a couple weeks and that all
Looked great but he was no longer putting on weight so my dr sent me to labor and delivery straight from her office and needless to say I started to get scared I was alone at my appointment and my dr just told me I was going to have a baby within the next 48 hours so I got everything hooked up the contraction monitors and the baby heart rate monitor and they started something to soften my cervix which after about 6 hours started to give me super light contractions and thankfully my dr was keeping a super close eye on the baby and I because his heart rate started dropping very quick every time I had a contraction and she had the nurses remove the thing that was softening my cervix and my contractions continued and she said we had to get him out right away within 45 min they were wheeling me back to have an emergency c-section I was terrified but everything went super smooth the surgery was very easy and my dr did a fabulous job of keeping me calm and talking to me through the surgery along with my hubby! Beau Alan Main born 7:39pm 3lbs 5 oz 15.25 inches long he is doing good just having trouble keeping his blood sugars up but I was only 35 weeks and there was something wrong with the placenta my dr sent it off for testing since Beau wasn't growing anymore she wanted to know for any future babies