drugs. *EDIT*


I'm sorry but I need serious help with this and i don't have anyone I can talk too.

my boyfriend used to smoke weed, alot of it. he claimed it was his antidepressant, and it got him away from stress, but says he's way better and I've helped alot with all that.

my childhood was extremely messed up from my parent's drug use. my father abandoned me and my mom at a young age, and I was raised around drugs and all sorts of stuff. I hate drugs. absolutely hate them. my boyfriend knows this, and stopped smoking.

he keeps asking me if he can smoke again. this is the fourth time he's asked. he says he just misses the fun. I've told him every time, that im not the boss. he can do what he wants but the minute he smokes im leaving him.

im just really scared one day I'll be less important than the high. I have so many things mentally wrong with me (depression, gender issues, ptsd, anxiety, etc) and I really can't handle leaving, or being left. I don't know what to do, and im tremendously scared. please help.


we live in texas. this is illegal, he could get in serious trouble. please give me advice?