What do you guys think? Is this normal?

I'm 18 and I sleep around a fair amount and I have never thought it was a big deal but all my friends think I should be more freaked out about sleeping with people I don't love.  I have also heard stuff my whole life about how when you lose your virginity it's a big emotional experience but for me I didn't even really think about it much after, like it didn't feel like a big deal it just seems like a purely physical act to me but everyone else I know puts a lot of importance and emotional weight on it. What do you all think? Is this normal or am I just completely detached from the emotions that go along with sex?? Please don't comment about how if there aren't emotions involved sex shouldn't be happening because I am completely aware of what I'm doing, it is always safe and consensual, full of respect, and I never feel bad about it or regret anything after.