Bloods 😭😭

Terri • My name is terri Im from Essex uk, ttc baby no 3 for 2 years and have pcos
So after loads of faint positives at the start of the months followed by negs I have my blood results back at a level of 0.5 😭😭😭 defo no baby in there I'm broken as was sure all these signs had to mean something 😭 
Sore nipples an turning darker 
Producing milk
Creamy cm
Feeling sick
Pulling in lower areas
And faint positives 
My body really hates me and still no period since October..... Looks like Iv Gota take these pills to induce my period after all. 
So many ppl just look at there partners an fall pregnant then there is people like me who tries an tries an tries an gets nowhere. 
So here's me still trying for my baby number 3 but my other halfs baby number 1 😭😭😭😭 it's never gona happen is it. 
Sorry for my outburst ladies 😳😳😳😳😳
Baby dust to all who r trying with a struggle.