I'm scared my dad will think I am fat😞😞

my dad lives in another country and I see him once a year. He really is a great dead and I mean he traveled from country to country over sea's with a picture of me in his hand trying to find me when my mum ran away when I was a baby. Anyway I go over every summer and i love it. However my dad likes me to be fit and in shape, not too skinny but he just wants me to be healthy as they all are. I'm not obese or fat but I do have abit more fat on my thighs and too arm. However I have loads of stretch marks, idk why. Last year when I got to the airport he embarrassed me by the first thing after a year he said 'you are bigger'.. Even though I don't think I'm the same, I'm worried when I go over he's going to say the same, it's putting me off going. But I want to and love him so much