Fertility period update

Claire • Age 34, my husband and I have been TTC #1 since Jan 2014.
Hi I have. 2 questions for you. 
​1) I read on your site FAQ that Glow is built in data science and learns about your body via the data you input. I am wondering why the fertility period doesn't change in line with BBT data. My wife had a very clear dip and spike in her BBT but the fertile window didn't change. In this case we know that her ovulation happened a few days ago but the probability indicator is still showing out peak day as some day next week. 
​2) The egg only lives inside the female for up to 24 hours so why isn't probability 0% a few days after ovulation?
​Thanks. Love the app but I am beginning to question it's algorithms. 
​A geek father to be