Honesty post....BP is down so we don't have to induce.

Amber 🐾🍸🍁 • Aidyn's Mommy

Yeah yeah I know, let him cook. 37+2 today and we had talked about induction, but the BP meds are working so we're not planning on that anymore. I am glad my son is not at risk, and I'm going to take advantage of the last few weeks to be baby-free! Still, I want my little man here and am getting impatient.

Got my cervix checked for the first time today (um, ouch) and am only a finger dilated. Been having pretty heavy BH contractions and lost bits of my mucus plug all day yesterday, but no sign of actual labor. Knowing that he could come anytime between now and his due date is CRAZY. EDD July 25. Keep cooking little man. I can wait. I think.