Phones during sex

Ok ladies please don't judge me or tell me my sex is bad ;-) ... My very loving fiancé of one year picked up his phone during...   (Remember I said during ) sex with me and started browsing eBay ( or I think it was ) ... I lay there feeling very bad thinking of my next move and tried not to get up and blow up! I politely moved my body from underneath his and left the room. I returned 5 minutes later and told him " I'm really sad, I feel like you are not interested, and it was very rude to use your phone while making love to me" !!! He replied "oh I'm shocked! Didn't know that would hurt you, I'm very sorry" !!! I left it alone. But actually I'm very hurt , and I feel like I don't even want to have sex with him ever again... Ladies he's the best father and the best fiancé ever... Our relationship has been perfect ... WHAT DO I DO ? Today he's smiling and our life is back to normal but after this happened yesterday I'm questioning everything now ;-(