4 month circumcision issues

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First off, I don't need any rude comments about how you don't believe in circumcision etc. So if you have any comments like that keep them to yourself. I opted to have him circumsized before his birth, but when he was born he had a foreskin issue and HAD to be circumsized anyway.


Has anyone has issues with their sons circumcision? My 4 month old has had this wierd problem since his circumcision the day after he was born. His penis still looks like he has a foreskin. Like it constantly stays tucked inside what looks like his foreskin. I've asked over and over at his doctors and they kept saying it's normal. But it got to the point where where his circ was healing, it didn't heal properly and made his skin heal over the head of his penis causing skin bridges all around his penis. It was bad looking, it was turning red and purple where it wasnt healing in the correct place. This past Friday he had to have another surgery fixing this issue. If I wouldn't have had this second surgery done, his penis would have been botched permanently. I'm just wondering has any other mommy had this problem? The doctors told me everything that happened is common etc.