He's keeping me going


My husband and I are TTC baby #2. We have been trying for 9 months now, AF due next week. I have tried opks, mucinex, and then tried doing nothing for months. Try not to over think about it or stress about it. But now it is really starting to get to me. With my son it took us 5 months of trying. When I first got pregnant with him I had to be put on progesterone supplements because my numbers weren't raising. And I was told I had PCOS just based off of 4 symptoms I seem to have. Unfortunately my doctor will not help until we have been ttc for a year. Some days it is really hard to keep my head up and not cry. My baby and hubby are what is keeping me going.

Sorry for the rant. Felt like I needed to talk to other people about it other than my husband.