Married Men

Ladies Ladies Ladies. So lately I've been seeing a lot of post about woman sleeping with married men and things of that nature. Before I began I want to mention I'm not married, never have been and have NEVER slept with a married man. But I just want to say to the ladies that decide to slept with married man, please understand these man aren't leaving their wives or families for a night or two of satisfaction from you. Their going through something at the moment that'll soon past over and he'll be back with his wife. So don't fall victim to his kind words and promises because it's happened a thousand and 1 times where the man will promise the mistress or "side chick" that he'll leave his wife and it'll be them two and he always go back to his wife. Don't trust these men even if they do leave their wife for u what makes u think he won't do the same thing to u? Just Saying.