(Long) Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Okay so guys these past few days me and my SO have been arguing. It's usually about attention. Like he would be busy sometimes and nights are usually the time where we talk and have conversations well lately all he does is stay up and watch movies and I just let him watch his movies and just wait till he finish it usually I stay up till 2 waiting on him. Well last night was really irritating. We were supposed to spend 4th together but couldn't then he has his friend over to spend the night which I have no problem with. I didn't txt him for the mean time that he was playing Xbox or watching movies with his friend well when the time I got tired I called him just to have a 15 min convo with him before I go to sleep well he was to busy with the movie so I got off the phone and let him be and it lasted till 2 and so I got really mad Bc he couldn't even give me attention for 15 min then he said he was sorry an that he wouldn't do it again well today he did it again he was supposed to come over at least 30 min before his work and he didn't even make it to my house Bc he got ready then thought that he needed to shower so he did and then got ready the 2nd time we'll by that time he was already running late and I got upset Bc he said he would come see me for at least 45 min and I couldn't even see him for at least 5min so he called me and was yelling and telling me he's trying I started crying Bc I don't like getting yelled at. He's working and now I'm gonna be working so this is gonna be hard for us to talk and to see each other on top of that my phone will be off Friday. Am I wrong for feeling upset Bc of the lack of attention I get from him? I don't want to be selfish.