Lease help

I'm 16 weeks pregnant and ive ended up in the hospital twice and I can't work full time anymore. My Husband is living 5 hours away trying to make ends meet and we have no way of seeing each other. My in-laws live an hour away, so I'm living completely alone and im considered high risk. I shouldn't be living in my apartment alone and my lease doesn't end until 2 months after the baby will be born. Meaning we can't live together, he won't be able to be around after the baby is born and won't be able to be here if I get sent to the hospital again. This is extremely stressful and my landlords won't even sit down and talk to me about anything I can do. In my lease it gives options of a "buyout agreement" to terminate lease and also talks about " this term may be terminated for cause at anytime with appropriate notice as required by existing law". I'm just wondering if there is anything I can possibly do, this is extremely hard on me being a High risk pregnancy and being completely alone. The thought of having to raise a baby without my husband for a couple months kills me inside. Can anybody she'd some light?