NO period- NO symptoms?!

Hey everybody! So my period was due 7/2 (it's now 7/6) and I'm having no AF symptoms and no pregnancy symptoms (as well as BFNs) I do get strange abdominal pinch pains when I stretch/ twist awkwardly... Anywho, after 11 months of ttc, I/ we suffered a miscarriage last cycle. I hadn't even made it to 5 weeks so it was similar to a late period. We didn't super 'try' this last cycle (they suggested we wait a cycle) but, we didn't 'try not to' either. My cousin has had 2 rainbow babies right after losses and her midwife has suggested she keep trying. 
My point is that this is agonizing. I honestly, for the first time in 11 months just WANT my period to come so we can start trying my again. 
I know that pregnancy is possible right now but, I have NOOO symptoms.