Anyone else have a Subchorionic hemorrhage?

Maggie • 25🌞Mommy to💙Luca 12/31/13💙 Logan 02/14/17💙
My doctor didn't seem too concerned, I am high risk though and will be going to a specialist in a few weeks due to complications from my last pregnancy as well having a heart condition and no thyroid. She was a bit concerned that I had bleeding 3 weeks ago and the tear is still present but not too alarmed for bed rest. 
My boyfriend kind of got nervous when she explained if it got worse the placenta could have problems developing or detach. 
I'm 7 weeks 2 days but I have faith everything will be fine but looking for some reassurance ❤️ I will be going back in 4 weeks and then to Maternal Fetal Medicne at 13 weeks for an anatomy scan.