support pls

Isabel • love my lifee
so I've always been chunky && in high school I wasn't fat more like "thick" I guess you can say bc I was in sports (running kills me) but I still ate whatever I wanted & I ate a lot. but I wasn't huge I was happy w my body. but like my senior year I started gaining wait bc I started working at a fast food restaurant & I gained like 15 lbs. then I got on birth control & gained another 10 lbs. I love my body. I love all body types. I just don't deal healthy. I want to feel healthy & get my shape back. but I'm terrrrrible w my self control. like... I can eat. a lot. plus I'm Hispanic so greasy food, tacos, rice tortillas the works. anyway I wanna lose weight & start eating right but I need help & advice & tips. what has worked for you guys? what are some ways to get over cravings? any kind of advice/ support will help & be greatly appreciated!!