What Does He Mean?

My really close friend is a guy, and me liking him has never ever crossed my mind. But, then a couple of nights ago I was on my period and we were texting, and he asked me why I had such an attitude... I basically told him "Well when a girl is on her time of the month, she gets grouchy." And he asked me "How is your personality when you're on it though?" And I told him the honest truth of course which I'm very emotional, and I get pissed off really easy. Then he says "That's f*cked up coming from a pretty girl like you. Trust me." So I asked him, "Trust you? For what?" Then he said "You know what I mean. 😏" — I got really weirded out when he said that so I left him in the friend zone... 💀 And he asked me "What's wrong with liking me?" 
I'm still weirded out that he would even mention it, although we are close, I don't know if I'd see him as being more than my friend... I see him as a brother. Besides, he used to talk to my old best friend a few months ago... So.. I don't really know what to make out of it. It's just really weird to me that he'd mention stuff like that literally at 4:00 in the morning.