Annoyed with friend

I'm really getting annoyed with my best friend. She's really my only friend. But we never hang out anymore. And I understand because we have different work schedules and she has a kid now. But her and her boyfriend moved in across the street from me and my boyfriend yet they still can't ever hang out. Her boyfriend is best friends with mine to and he never hangs out with my bf, he gets annoyed by that to. And mostly honestly they're really stuck up each other's ass it's bad. And it's annoying to me because she can't ever seem to hang out with me or ask, but it never seems to be a problem to go out to the bars with her coworkers almost every weekend. Or she was just at a coworkers drinking and hanging out. But today I asked if she wanted to hang out for a bit and we could take a walk downtown(we live in a small town)and look around at the shops, she said sure. Then says she's tired and doesn't want to leave but I could still go over. I get being tired, but we never go do anything if we hang out besides sit in her apartment and I don't want to sit around today I want to actually do something. And again I bet her the weekend it'll be no problem going out, but I even suggest taking her kid with today. It's just really annoying we never hang out and if we do we can't do anything. But almost every weekend she's at the bars with other friends. I don't want to say anything to her because I'm just not a person of conflict and I've somewhat said something before and it doesn't change.