Babymama still in my business!

My husband's, kids mother, is nothing but petty and loves to stir up drama any chance she gets. Before my husband and I got married she harassed my husband, me, and my husband's family...she even got her family involved and they literally helped her harass us. My husband has blocked all communication with her and her family except with a fake fb page...he created it so he doesn't have to hear or see any voice messages/messages unless he logs on to the fake page. They have an agreement to where he goes to her house on Fridays (to pick up their kids) and back on Sundays to drop them off. So anything she really needs to say to him she can say it while he's there getting the kids...but instead of doing that she waits until he leaves and blows up his fake fb page with all kinds of "what's your work schedule, where do you stay, how much money you got, etc" Which he checks the page atleast once a week. I've also gotten on to her before about asking him personal questions about his income,etc, and now that we're married she's still doing it and trying to keep tabs on him... Am I the only one who feels like this is disrespectful? I feel like she should not be worried about my household and what we have and get...Should I confront her again or just let me and my husband both ignore her? He does his part and provides for the kids, so I don't understand why she keeps trying to keep tabs on everything..