Venting 😭😭

Does anyone else feel like they're out growing some of their friends? I'm 19 (turning 20 next week πŸŽ‰), and I just feel really distant from the two people I used to consider my best friends. They just seem really immature and childish lately. I moved about an hour away from them a year ago, and they keep texting me stupid stuff and asking me to take them places that are right down the street from their houses. I finally got mad (they blew my phone up last night while I was sleeping, asking me to take them places), and they just told me that I need to "calm down." I just feel like I'm growing up and a whole lot more mature than them now that I'm having a baby within the next couple days.. Is it just me or have any of you other ladies felt the same way about some of your friends? πŸ˜₯