Overstepping MIL

There's some things my MIL has said that are just downright irritating! I'm going to quote pretty much word for word what was said.

For one, she said "my grandson will NOT wear anything OU. I don't like OU and he won't wear it". So I went and bought him 6 OU onesies. 😂

Then she said "are we getting him circumsized? I hope so because I cannot stand uncircumcised ding dongs." ok well that's none of your business what I do with my son's penis.

And then there's "I'm saving vacation time at work so I can take off and spend the days at the hospital with you" Hahaha oh no you're not doing that. Not gonna happen. I didn't come out of your vagina, you're not going to see mine while I give birth.