I'm a mommy!!! Maggie Raye is here!

My little princess was due 7/19/16 but we didn't quite make it that long. She was born Sunday 7/10/16 at 1:05 pm. Friday the 8th I was 4cm at my doctors appointment but not a contraction in sight! I was scheduled to go back Tuesday to discuss being induced but my body had other plans. At 1:15am on Sunday morning I was standing in front of the fridge when my water broke. My husband was working has last night at work before paternity leave so I called my mom who drove me to the hospital. Got in touch with my husband while on the way and he met us there.  Checked in at 6cm and still no contractions until around 3:30am. They came strong and fast once they started and I asked for an epidural at 4:50. By the time the anesthesiologist got there around 5:30 for the epidural I was at 8cm but baby girl was still kind of high.  At 8:45am I was complete and ready to push and push I did. She was still very high and I was given Pitocin in hopes that she would come down. She did eventually and after pushing and taking breaks all morning we were ready for our last attempt around 11:30. I was actively pushing from then until 1:05 when my 8 pound 3 ounce 20 inch beautiful baby girl was finally born. The doctor was very close to calling it and bringing me for a c-section but I am very thankful for him and a couple amazing nurses who worked their butts off all morning to help me give birth. She's perfect in every way 😍😍💗 we are now home and loving every minute together!