Very suspicious!!!! Advice anyone?

I started talking to a guy online..... He is anonymous, no picture, so really I have no idea who the hell im speaking with, it's just general conversation, and don't get me wrong I enjoy chatting to whoever it is, the conversation flows nicely and we get along well. BUT, I have serious suspicions that whoever he is, he knows me.... He asked a few questions that struck out, and has said things that stood out in relation to someone I know. Maybe it's just coincidental similarities. I asked him for a pic and he sent one. I asked for another of him holding a page with my name on it, he was very hesitant. Very hesitant. But after a day or two when I asked again, he sent it. Page with my name and him holding it as requested. But something just doesn't add up or feel legit. He asked if I would like him to ring me and he did. He says he's 27 he sounds about 37...... What I'm wondering is, could this still be someone who knows me, is it possible to make things look legit with false pics, and false phone call? And still not be that person? UPDATE:.... He was willing to drop me and my kids places. Could he STILL be fake. Although I doubt it highly that he knows me. He's still sketchy.