My story- sorry it's long

I don't really post much but I wanted to get my story heard without being judged.. At the young age of 14 I found out I was pregnant as you can imagine my world came crashing down I was still only a child myself however after a lot of consideration and the support of my family I continued with the pregnancy and a lot of growing up had to be done I gave birth shortly after my 15th birthday to a beautiful boy weighing 9lb6oz at first things were going great I took on the motherly role as any mother would despite my age when my son was 2 we noticed things weren't progressing the way they should he had only just started sitting up and walking seemed so far in the future we got professional advice and he was referred for some tests. The morning of the mri came (it was a Saturday) and watching my little boy drift off to sleep tore me apart at this stage I was still only 17 we were allowed home and an appointment was made for the results the following Monday came and I went off to work as normal and Alfie stayed with my mum I had just arrived in work to get a call from my mum asking me to make my way to the hospital as Alfie had been taken ill. I arrived on the children's ward where my little boy was laid unresponsive his small body looking lifeless I broke down not knowing what was up tests were done and it was found he had kidney failure in his left kidney and it had caused infections we were kept in hospital for just over a week on the day we were getting discharged a familiar face approached up the doctor that referred Alfie for the Mri told us an ambulance was on its way and he was getting transferred to a specialist children's hospital as the Mri had raised concerns. What the concerns were we didn't know we arrived later that evening at the children's hospital to be greeted by a number of neurosurgeons who explained my little boy had a rare condition called Arnold chiari malformation syndrome where his brain had been strangled by the base of his skull from the day he was born the next morning he was rushed for emergency surgery he was down for just over 6 hours as he returned to the ward things didn't seem right a dozen doctors appeared as his small body started to shut down they did everything in their power to help Alfie and that they just did to hear his cry was the best sound a mother could wish for now 2 years on and 16 brain operations later he's still the fighter he was then his future is still blurred just over a year ago he approached myself and his stepdad and asked for a special gift... The gift of a brother we explained you can't just buy a brother but we will try make his wish come true. 4 week ago I gave birth to Oliver the brother Alfie asked for. He has smiled everyday since his birth and is the best big brother anyone could ask for. Being a young single mum was challenging given all the extra worries aswell when I met my partner I knew he was the one he accepted me given my downsides and took Alfie on as his own given his needs