Help please help.

So ever since I got pregnant I have had crazy hormones as expected and sometimes my husband will do something that I don't like so I will get upset. I've always had issues with my attitude so when I get upset I usually go into a room away from anyone so I don't say anything to hurt anyone's feelings.  That being said I will leave the room and he will follow me which isn't really a problem accept it's annoying because I'm trying to "protect" his feelings by leaving. He will stand over me wherever I am and yell "what did I do now" or other things like that "I'm not leaving so you should just talk to me" and i can't or I will say something hurtful so I keep quiet and turn my face away. I've been like this my whole life he knows this is how I am. Recently he has been grabbing me and trying to pull me over to face him and it hurts. I don't believe there is any bruising or marks but at the time he does it it hurts really bad and feels like I will have hand prints and finger marks where he has grabbed me. He only started acting like this since we found I was pregnant. Part of me gets scared that when the baby comes he will get mad or frustrated and grab the baby and now I'm contemplating if I should even keep my baby (adoption) because I don't want that to happen to my child. What do I do?