annoyed with singleton pregnant moms?

This is my first pregnancy. I was blessed with di/di girls and they'll be earth side very soon! Is it wrong of me to be annoyed with my friends who are pregnant with one baby? They complain all the time about how little sleep they get, how nauseated they are, how big they are, and how much their backs hurt. I get pregnancy in general is hard, exhausting work.. but I'm carrying double what they are and I'm doing my best not to complain about it. Not to mention I have Cholestasis so I'm constantly itching (which is miserable). I just listen to their complaints and hope I don't do a big "eye roll" after hearing them. Do any other twin mamas have this problem or am I just being over sensitive? 
P.S. If you have triplets, quads, etc.: 
I commend you! You're amazing and I am in awe of you! (You must be sick of complaining singleton AND twin moms!)