Missing out...my pitty party rant

cassafrass • .
Feeling crappy this weekend, don't even want to get out of bed but I have to be up with my 4 year old. Daddy went down to Chicago for a three day music festival and unfortunately me being nearly 31 weeks pregnant couldn't go. There are a lot of bands we both love (metal) but I knew I wouldn't feel safe with all the drunk and rowdy people and I can't tolerate the heat or especially the large crowds (off my anxiety meds for pregnancy) I know it's something he really wanted to go to so I sucked it up and sent him on his way all smiles assuring him I was alright...but now here I am lonley and upset that I'm missing out and upset that this whole summer has basically been spent inside because I'm too fat and uncomfortable to do anything. I love my baby but this blows.