Lots of bleeding! 😢 subchorionic hematoma

Last night I was in the ER with severe bleeding at 13 weeks.
But no cramps, no tissue or clots, no other symptoms. 
So they did an emergency ultrasound and turns out, the babies doing great! 
Strong heartbeat and he/she is super active! 
I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma. Basically, blood got trapped between the uterus and developing placenta and now that Everythings shifting upwards, the trapped blood is able to "drain". 
There are still some risks and I'm on pelvic rest till told otherwise but the prognosis is optimistic at this point.
Has anyone had any experience with this? I bawled my eyes out in the ER until I was able to hear the heartbeat. This is my first pregnancy after trying for five years and would be devestated to loose it. I would like to hear others testimonies.