14 week not going down to sleep

My 14 week old always went down smooth. She goes to bed around 9 pm as we start the process around 830. As soon as she's down she cries and cries until she's asleep and we're rubbing jer head or holding her hands. She sleeps till about 3 am to eat and goes down fine then. A new thing is waking at 6 am eats.. fights and cries while feeding about 3 oz then wants to be walked around or played with for a min (20 min) then when I see she's yawning etc I take her into her room, change her and put her down and she cries. Cries so hard for at least 30 min. We use a pacifier she sucks thenspits it out eventually but does help sometimes with soothing. She does this all day for ANY nap. It's getting to exhausting. Yesterday she only took 3 naps under 45 min and was exausted by night time. Will this pass? She's 14 weeks, born 2 weeks early at 37 weeks. She does have reflux and is on 2 ml every 12 hours. I'm terrified for every nap.