Update on Ralphie! (26 weeker)


So as some of you may know who have been following or reading I had my baby boy at 26 weeks due to rare severe pre eclampsia. He's now 17 days old.

He had a fall back a few days ago where he required a blood transfusion due to his haemoglobin levels, his oxygen levels dropped and required cpap machine, swollen tummy and 60ml of gas removed.

Today he was taken of Cpap and back on the normal oxygen just through his nose, his tummy is still swollen and therefore his feeds have been stopped again. He also had a scan on his heart and has a hole in his heart or valve due to being premature that it's not closed up yet which he's currently being treated for with ibuprofen I believe. If this doesn't close up or hasn't seemed to change on the next scan it is likely he will need surgery to close it. This could be the reason as to why his feeds haven't been working and his stomach is swollen and if so they will need to intervene to fix it. I'm hopeful he will get through this and not need any surgery and all will fix itself! My poor baby boy. I can't help but feel so guilty for him being this way 😔