New here. Have you been tested/treated for autoimmune infertility?

Hi all, new to this corner of Glow. I have Hashimoto's thyroid disease and my mum has 17 different antibodies having a party in her system causing things like ataxia, temporary paralysis (brain swelling), optical neuritis, etc. My husband and I have been TTC religiously for 18 months and haven't been preventing for much longer. Over the years I think I've had several chemical pregnancies and this past month we did <a href="">IUI</a> for the 1st time.i have really faint positives on 10,11 and 2 dpiui but then a negative blood test on the 14th. I really want my doctor to test me for autoimmune infertility but they don't seem keen. Has anyone here been tested? If so, what were the tests? Did you get your results and what were the outcomes?