Sex after giving birth

Yasmin • I'm 21yrs old grown up with bad ibs which made me in constant pain growin up ended up with fibromyalgia 2 yrs ago and now I'm going to be a mum :)
My son is 6 weeks now and because I stopped bleeding ages ago , I've been on the pill a week after giving birth , my stitches have dissolved because I ended up with forceps and because of new baby ( new parents ) we been arguing a lot. So tonight we had our alone time together but I was kinda scared because I have read some people's stories on here and some people say it's like loosing you v again or its painful or it feels different. Tbh it felt amazing , a little sore from a new scare down there and we feel a lot closer now because we stopped sex about 28 weeks pregnant because I got to uncomfortable with the spd. Anyways after sex I was bleeding a little and I want to know if it's happened to anyone before or could this be from the scar?