Anyone want to read that would be great


I got off of here a while ago but I just need to get some stuff out. So you don't have to read I'm not expecting anyone too....

So my hubby had been trying like 2 yrs went to a fertility doc and in January found out we couldn't have kids. It was depressing and that doesn't even begin to describe it. So, we told his and my family, who didn't know we were even trying, that kids weren't gonna happen. They were sympathetic at first. Then on his side of the family since that time his sister had a son and now his younger brother is pregnant with twins. I am happy for them I would never want anyone to go through this.

But it's very hard for me to be around pregnant ppl or little babies for long periods of time. And lately everyone has been avoiding me. 😞 But not only that they want me to not talk about it and get over it because it's been 6 months. I just... want to cry no one knows how hard it is I wish I could get over it. I just feel so broken, and like im gonna feel like this forever.