Do You Think They're Dating?

So back in 8th grade when my two friends and I started observing these two boys from afar in math class, watching their interactions.

Their bromance was/is adorable, messing with each other and such, but then touchy feely things started happening. Slapping each other's butts, neck kisses, hugs, sexual innuendos during class, one of them saying that the other was "as straight as a circle" and them agreeing.

Then there was even a time when my friend saw one of them take the other's pencil. One said "that's mine" and the other replied "you're mine". There are pictures of them cuddling on one of their social media accounts. My friend also said in another class, a guy said "to his boyfriend's house" to one of these boys and he blushed. I personally think these boys are dating.

What do you think?

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