Working hard during pregnancy..


I want to start off by saying I'm NOT looking for sympathy, a kudos to me, or a "good job" from anyone. I'm just a curious mom.

How many of you ladies who are pregnant have a full time job or even two jobs?

When are you planning on going on maternity leave?

I'm super frustrated with my jobs right now. I work a full time job and a part time job! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have two kids already. I'm busting my butt off every single day at work while others don't do anything to get the job done before the end of our shifts. I'm just tired and exhausted from working and doing most of the work!!

I'm excited I only have 5 weeks left till my due date! I want to go on maternity leave so bad already. Plus I would love to take the whole 6 weeks off but my full time job is expecting me to be back in 3 weeks after baby is born. :(

What's your story????