Okay, I just want to say something for all you girls out there that may be scared to death because you're experiencing bleeding of any color or severity of flow:
Could there be something terribly wrong? Could you be miscarrying? Yes, of course... And you should always ALWAYS alert your doctor when you experience bleeding. That said, I want to tell you my story.
I am only 8 weeks along and yet I have spotted or bled (heavier than spotting) four different times already. I have experienced pink, brown, bright red blood, and even some small clots! Each time it has happened, I have called my OB/GYN. Each time she has called me in for a sono, and each time the baby has been perfectly fine, hCG levels normal, etc.
You know what else happened each time? Each time I freaked out and began frantically googling my condition. Each time I got articles all about the causes of bleeding during pregnancy. And each time those causes were terrible and horrible to entertain... Ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, placenta praevia, placenta abruption, and the list goes on! The least scary thing on the list was bleeding due to sex, which didn't help me at all considering my incidents of spotting/bleeding did not occur in line with my more intimate nights. So, naturally, I ruled that out as a cause and worried myself sick over all the other more frightening possibilities.
My point is, bleeding can be normal, unexplainable (as in my situation), and totally harmless. Yes, of course, every time I spot, my heart begins to race, but I just have to take a deep breath and remind myself of all the good signs I have of a healthy pregnancy. Maybe I'm the only one who is going through this right now, but I doubt it, and I wanted to give hope to some of you other ladies, if possible. Again, I never said bad things won't happen or that you should not contact your doctor. All I'm saying is, bleeding isn't the death sentence for your baby. I'm only 8 weeks along, and I know it is entirely possible I could lose my baby... But I've made up my mind not to jump to that conclusion again. I choose to look on the bright side. Why shouldn't I? After 4 different instances of spotting/bleeding that turned out to be harmless, I think it is time I start enjoying this pregnancy rather than living in fear. I hope that this post can give even just one person hope. Love to all!