Daughter of Zion

Month after month I follow my calender, check cm, just finished using preseed for a month now and BFN! AF is 2 days late and still BFN!

After almost 6 years, it's draining and I can't take it anymore! I've had to watch my husband stare at negative tests trying to find the other line. I've had to watch him shut down..go in a corner and cry.

I've had to see the look on his face when his siblings announce that they're expecting one after the other!

Ttc has almost cost us to get a divorce, the strain it put on our marriage. We came back stronger after some intervention. I took 2 tests today BFN! he's at work and doesn't know I tested. I have to pitch these out and not let him see because it will just change the mood of the evening.

I just feel to scream right now because I never knew that something so beautiful as creating a life together can break two ppl so much.

I wish things were different and that I could of given him 4 kids in these 6 years, but I can't and sometimes I wonder if I ever will.

Yes we've done all the necessary testing, had minor issues , got treatment.. Still nothing.

Good luck to all you still trying and congrats to you who are expecting. Thanks for taking time to read this.

Good Bye.. :,-|