I was on fb reading a whole discussion about abortion. I came across a comment that really made me feel sad/disappointed. Idk how to explain the feeling. I know everybody has their own right to decide wether or not to have an abortion but how can anyone think it's okay to abort a baby at 36 weeks? I had my baby at 36 weeks. He was and still is a healthy baby. The only problem he had was with jaundice but that quickly went away. He was born with a head full of hair, hairy shoulders, so so tiny, got mommas nose but looks exactly like his daddy. I wasnt ready to have a kid and unfortunately things didnt work out between my babys dad and me. All the pain i went through during labor and after (6 weeks PP and still suffering from hemorrhoids😭) and i still dont wish i had gotten an abortion. That comment just hit me hard because i saw how my baby was at 36 weeks and just thinking about aborting a baby that far along is heartbreaking to me.

This is how big a baby can be at 36 weeks. My baby 2 days after birth ❤