Baby shower reflection and advice

My shower was on Sunday and it was beautiful. I'll add a post with better pictures that shows the theme but here is me before hand. 
So the shower itself was absolutely perfect and beautiful. Weird part was that no one bought anything off of my registry and I ended up open 20 gifts filled with baby clothes... No bottles, wipes, car seat accessories, sheets, changing pad, etc... Things you think are obvious shower gifts. Not that I don't appreciate them but just a heads up to you all that this could happen. 
My husband and I decided to just buy the rest of the stuff we needed yesterday and be grateful for what we got. Luckily my birthday was in June and I asked for the stroller, pack n play, and other larger things from family since I knew friends wouldn't buy the big ticket items. 
After the shower I was on cloud 9 and felt that my little family was so loved. 
My SIL then decided she just had to tell me how offended she was by how my sisters and mom acted and that she would never see them or speak to them again. I thought something terrible must have happened. It ended up being the fact that when I got to my SIL's gift, my mom suggested I open it after because it was a huge basket with over 20 dresses and many other items on top,  in the sake of saving time and allowing guests to leave (it was going on 3 hours and people were ready to leave) so I agreed to open it home and let my SIL know that's what I would do. 
She left the party early and proceeded to get drunk before coming back to let me know how much time, effort, and money she spent on my gift and that she was horribly offended by the whole ordeal. I apologized and agreed that I should have opened it there or at least with her. That's all I could say. She kept going on and on about it to the point that I broke down in tears.
I know I should have given her gift just as much attention as the others. But the more I think about it, the more childish I feel that she acted. Gift giving is for the receiving person and not getting the recognition she "deserved" caused to judge my whole family and make me feel like crap about my shower. 
Any thoughts? Cuz I'm still trying to process this whole thing. My husband and I opened it at home together (it took 30 mins to go through it all) and we loved everything. It just wasn't the way she wanted things to go down.