What do you guys think of my baby shower game prizes ?(:

In INLOVE with my prizes ! I worked so hard on them all.
Goodie bags with Victoria's Secret mist, baby lips, and princess bracelet
Goodie bags with Yankee candle and earrings
Skittles/starburst scented candles
Goodie bags with Essie nail polish and pearl earring
I'll let winners pick their prizes,  I tried to get a variety for all ages! there will be people my age (im 20) who would love the mists and baby lips and jewelry, older family members who's love candles, everyone loves nail polish and there will be young girls too so I'll be making little baggies with bubbles, play doh, princess lip smackers, candy bracelets, and princess nail polish! I didn't make the kid ones yet because I still have some more lip smackers coming in the mail. I'm pretty proud of what I came up with(: oh and I got all of this stuff FREE off an app! The baskets, bows, tags, and all the prizes! I only paid about 12$ for markers, the mini pink bags , bubbles, candy bracelets, play doh and one roll of ribbon. What do you guys think ?(: