Best friend keeps trying to convince me to leave my husband

So this is going to be long. Basically my cousin has been my best friend for the last 8 years after we reconnected at a family reunion. We did everything together. Roommates, shared a room, went to the same college and took the same classes and had mostly the same group of friends. During my second semester of college I met a guy and we hit it off. We had a lot of chemistry and I really wanted to pursue a relationship but she convinced me it was a bad idea and he wasn't a good person. I valued her friendship so much at that point that I believed her and cut him
Off mostly just because I didn't want to make an awkward living situation for us since we were room mates. Fast forward to a year later and I met my now husband. When I met him I knew right away he was the person I wanted to spend my life with but again she tried to convince me he wasn't good for me (which wasn't true) and that he was a bad person (which again wasn't true) and that I should cut him off and not speak to him again. It got so bad that I stopped talking to her about him. Two years later he proposes to me and I accept. For the whole two years that I've been dating him she has been against it. Trying to convince me daily to leave him and move on. I thought part of the reason she was doing this was jealousy since she was single so I set her up on dates all the time, none of which went anywhere but I tried. Anyway, we announce our engagemetb and she loses it. Throws all my stuff out of my room (we were still romom mates at this point) and refuses to talk to me. She then then proceeds to bad mouth me to all our friends about how awful I am and how I'm making a mistake marrying him. Fast forward another two years, I'm married with a son and a baby girl on the way and she s been trying to reconnect so I gave her a chance. So yesterday she randomly starts up again about how I should leave my husband because she doesn't like him (again let me stress she has absolutely no reason why she doesn't like him she just doesn't) and how I should move to Florida and move in with her, I live in AZ. So I told her I'm done. I'm not going to play into this crap anymore and that my marriage and family come before her pettiness. So today she has been obsessively callig and texting and I have just blocked her number. I know I did the right think but part of me still feels guilty because we were so close at one point. What is your ladies take on this? Am I handling it the right way? Sorry for the long post. I hope it makes sense.