Just for fun!

Just a fun topic! And for anyone who is just curious to know what jobs in different states pay and how many years of schooling it took... If any.
First, let me say that no matter what we are doing in life... As long as we are happy and our sweet families are taken care of... That's all that matters!
I'm just interested to see what some of you ladies do for a living, how long you had to go to school for it, if you did... And how much you get paid and what state you are in. 
This is not by any means to make anyone feel less than anyone else. I, personally, am going to college right now to be a teacher and am currently an administrative assistant making $13/hr (in Texas). But I'm just not sure if my heart is set on it like it used to be and maybe something someone says will sound more interesting to me. I am currently pregnant with baby #3 and once he is born I will be a stay at home mom while continuing to go to school. Of course my husband is the main bread winner here but I'm just interested in seeing what you other mommys are doing.